Fraud Alerts


We are becoming increasingly aware that the name Fastway Worldwide Express / Fastway Express is being used, claiming that we are holding lottery winnings awaiting payment before forwarding and delivery by Fastway worldwide express / Fastway express. These claims are not true and Fastway worldwide express / Fastway express are not in any way associated with these activities, however, we are passing on any details given to us to the authorities and can only urge people not to be fooled and taken in by this scam, and above all not to give out any personal information or money to these criminals.

Numerous attempts have been made to defraud Internet shoppers by the unauthorized use of the FASTWAY name and brand, via e-mail communications.

In most cases the communications concern the sale of consumer goods over the Internet, where payment may be requested by money transfer (for goods in transport) and before the goods will be delivered.

Please be advised that FASTWAY EXPRESS does not request payment in this manner.

Advice :

If you receive a request to transfer money for goods which FASTWAY EXPRES allegedly has in transport, via an e-mail as described, or should there be any doubt as to the authenticity of any FASTWAY communication, please report it to FASTWAY EXPRESS by Write to Fastway

Fastway Worldwide Express / Fastway Express accepts no responsibility for any costs or chargers which are improperly incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.


Note :

Fastway Worldwide Express is not responsible for any charges or costs incurred as a result of fraudulent activity that abuses the Fastway Worldwide Express name, service marks and logos. Fastway Worldwide Express has no connection or affiliation with or any other e-commerce provider asking for an international money transfer prior to shipment delivery. The use of the Fastway Worldwide Express logo and name on these websites is unauthorized and our legal department will address this matter with the relevant authorities.


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