Step by Step Relocation Process

We work where our talent takes us to. But there is no permanence in any place. Constant relocation is more a norm than an exception. A critical aspect of success in life is the ability to manage relocation. Statistically it is seen in today’s business and work environment that relocation is most common between UK, USA and India. Fastway Express has helped thousands of families relocate. To help families and individuals manage relocation, Fastway Express shares below a few key points to remember. This will make relocation easy and less emotionally draining.

  1. Relax Everybody goes through this. Make notes of your time frame and service requirements. If there is a choice, determine if relocation is absolutely essential.
  2. Manage inventory Determine the things you really want to take with you and if anything needs special modes of storage. Dispose everything else.
  3. Consult Fastway Express is an established, credible and trustworthy relocation company. You will be advised regarding the shipment and the corresponding shipping rates. That will help you determine if you would want to dispose of anything more or actually keep some of the stuff.
  4. Insure Fastway Express could help you determine the value of your shipment and also help come up with an optimal coverage plan.
  5. Plan travel You may require temporary accommodation at the place of origin as well as the destination while your possessions are on the move. Fastway Express can help you in this too.
  6. Paperwork Documentation is critical. This includes visa applications, passport renewals, customs forms, change of address notices and a few more documents specific to nature of work and reason for relocation. Consult with Fastway Express for detailed information.
  7. Personal luggage Set aside the luggage including documents that you will be carrying in your person. These should also include tickets, way bills, money and jewelry.
  8. Physical presence You or your authorized representative’s physical presence is essential during the whole duration of packing and loading. This will enable verification and answering queries that the moving team may have.
  9. Taking delivery On arriving at your destination contact Fastway Express to arrange the delivery of your belongings. Fastway Express will also help in temporary accommodation, home and school searches, orientation tours, cross cultural training and any other specific requirements including storage of your belongings
  10. Moving in Fastway Express uses Color Locator System to determine what things go where erasing confusion wrinkles while rearranging. Fastway Express also cleans up by removing all packaging material and could help in arranging maid or handyman services.