Choosing An International Courier Company

Shipping items overseas to friends and family or as part of your business means finding an international courier company that is able to do the job and provide top customer service. At Fastway Worldwide Express we take our role as an international courier very seriously, and we focus on top customer service, reasonable and affordable rates, and our commitment to provide the features and options our customers require.

Often we hear from customers who have used another international courier company in the past. They tell us about missing parcels, damaged items and hours of time spent trying to get claims settled if there was damage. Our customers are not treated in this way; rather we focus on quick processing of claims if there is any damage, but we always put a strong emphasis on packing and protecting the items so damage never occurs.

Shipping Special Items

While we provide shipping internationally for corporations and companies, we also provide service for a lot of people sending care packages to loved ones living abroad. This often includes some of the traditional foods of India that are not available outside of the country, and we know how important these are to receive in a timely manner.

Many of our customers send homemade baked goods, including sweets and snacks, or they choose to send traditional ingredients such as Indian spices, pickles, masalas, sauces and other family favorite goods. We can safely ship all of these items in a timeframe that is acceptable based on the contents of your shipment.

We offer expedited services, and can provide a guaranteed delivery in 5 to 6 business days from the date of shipment. Our professional staff can work with you to determine the best day of the week to ship the care package to ensure it arrives in the shortest possible time based on weekends and holidays.

Important Considerations

As an international courier company, we are also able to handle a range of other items that may require special packing and shipping. Medications and electronics are two areas where our professional packers and our staff will work with you to ensure all the customs documents are in place and the boxes are packed to avoid any possible delays or complications with your shipment.

For businesses, we can provide the same type of quality shipments overseas or internationally. We can ship medical equipment and supplies, samples, food items or other types of products, just let us know and our staff will work with you to develop the best shipping plan and pricing.


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