Fastway Express Offers Much More than Baggage Delivery Services

Whether you are moving overseas, returning from vacation or need to send packages or documents to another country quickly, Fastway Express can make sure your items arrive at your destination safely and on time. We ship all types of items from our locations in India, but we also offer baggage delivery services, cargo services and document delivery from the over 220 territories and countries in which we do business.

Fastway Cargo Services

It doesn’t matter how big or how many items you need shipped overseas, we offer cargo delivery services from almost any destination in the world. Along with overseas shipping for families moving to another country or for a student attending a far off college, we also offer cargo services for businesses shipping their wares overseas.

Our cargo shipping services includes selecting the least expensive shipping option for your needs, whether that is by airfreight or cargo container. Airfreight is often a good option for individuals and families that are making an overseas move, but businesses may need much more space for their cargo. If that is the case, then we will arrange to have your cargo taken to its destination by ship.

Document Delivery Services

When faxing a document won’t do and you have a tight deadline, Fastway Express will get your documents where they need to go and get them there by the deadline. While we are known for our baggage delivery services, as well as our package and cargo services, we offer special document delivery services as well.

We offer our University Express service for students who need to get their college applications turned in to their chosen school by the application deadline date. As part of our service, we will pick up your document at your doorstep, you can track your document’s journey every step of the way on our webpage and, with special add-on features, we may be able to offer a 50% discount on these services.

Fastway Express can also make sure sensitive business documents are sent to their destination and arrive on time as well. We use some of the best known services in the world for shipping documents or packages to your destination. We work with companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and UPS to get your documents and parcels to your destination safely and on deadline, even if it needs to arrive overnight.

No Cargo too Big

Whether you need our baggage delivery services or you need to ship your recreational vehicle when you are moving overseas, Fastway Express will find the fastest, safest way to get your belongings to your destination. We offer quick, reliable services for your needs, and we can usually save you money when you use our services.