Fastway India Provides Courier from USA

Today’s market is more global than ever, and that includes being able to easily send items via courier from USA to locations around the world. Services from Fastway Express India make it even easier. Whether you are an Indian native needing to get your household goods back to India or are a company that routinely needs to ship things to India, we are here to offer you the best possible packing and shipping services.

We also can provide services for packing and shipping products to several other countries, so if you want to send somewhere other than India, just give us a call.

Fastway Express Uses Well-known Couriers

We can send your items via several kinds of shipping methods, including cargo, freight, air, ground or sea and often use name brand shipping services like FedEx, DHL and other well-known companies. Send us an email or call us at 1 800 103 8805, 24-hours a day for information.

We can even pick up your shipment right at your home or office and then deliver it door to door right to your intended recipient in India from the USA. We guarantee your items will be shipped carefully and securely and will give you a tracking number so you will know where they are at all times.

Fastway Express has a Great Reputation, Customer Service

If you want to send your precious items via a trustworthy company with a great reputation for courier from USA services, then choosing Fastway Express India will give you the best deal. We can send just about anything as long as it is legal, including food, medication, documents, letters, furniture, electronics, cars and more.

Some of the most commonly shipped items have included sports gear, household goods, food items and even excess luggage or baggage. Just call us for more information and tell us about the items you need to ship.

No Worries About Customs, Other International Requirements

Another great thing about getting courier services from Fastway Express India is that we handle all the needed paperwork for your shipment, such as customs, and any required special labelling. We also can handle the appropriate type of packaging, even if you are needing to ship some type of hazardous goods.

The bottom line is that it’s common for there to be a need for things to be shipped via courier from USA to India, and if you find yourself needing these kinds of services, then call Fastway Express India today.


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