Get Affordable Rates and On Time Delivery with Our International Cargo Services

Fastway Express offers international cargo services to most destinations in the world. Our clients range from large corporations, who ship cargo all over the world, to small businesses who may only need the occasional shipment of Indian merchandise sent to their store. Not only do we ship goods from India, but we also help to ship cargo to India.

Our Cargo Services

We have experience with arranging to ship all sorts of cargo for companies and even individuals. For people who are relocating to another part of the world from India, we will help them ship their housewares to their new destination. We can ship bulky furniture, cars, caravans or even recreational equipment from India to over 210 countries.

Fastway Express also works with import/export companies and businesses of all sizes to send their goods around the world as well. We ship almost anything to and from India, including auto parts, electronics, medicines, garments, artwork and food items. It doesn’t matter if you need to ship one cargo container of merchandise to Australia or an entire shipload of items to the United States, we can help get your cargo to its destination on time and for an affordable rate.

Help with Clearance

An advantage to using our international cargo services is that we can help companies complete the necessary documentation to ship their cargo to its international destination. We will fill out the manifest, send out notices about the cargo being imported to the country of destination and help it clear through customs. If necessary, we will also package it for delivery.

Tax Help for Cargo

Along with arranging for their cargo to arrive on schedule, we can help companies meet their tax compliance requirements for their commercial cargo shipments. We advise our clients on the best way to ship their cargo to help them cut expenses and still receive their shipment on time. Fastway Express tries to offer the most affordable rates in the business and get cargo to its destination in a timely manner.

Other Cargo Services

With over 1100 locations worldwide, we can also offer your import/export business other services for your cargo, such as temporary warehousing and distribution solutions. We can warehouse your goods until arrangements can be made for delivery. Your cargo may need to be warehoused if further shipment via truck or rail is necessary for it to arrive at its destination within India or another country.

We have years of experience in cargo services and we can help your company with completing the proper documentation, getting cargo through customs and sending it to you, wherever you are located throughout the world. You can go online or call use for a quote to ship your cargo worldwide.