Helpful Advice For Tourists Shipping Excess Baggage From India

One of the wonderful things about visiting India for a short holiday or a longer stay is the amazing and unique products that are found only in this country. People from outside India often find that they purchase more than they expect, leaving them with significantly more luggage when they leave than when they arrived.

As the airlines have become increasingly strict about the weight and number of bags that can be checked as part of the cost of the plane ticket, more and more tourists are taking advantage of our program for shipping excess baggage back to their home and bypass the extreme cost of trying to check extra suitcases.

Packing Services

One of the features and services we offer at Fastway Worldwide Express, India, is the option to have our trained and professional staff pack the luggage for you. This is the ideal option for those living in hotels or other accommodations without all the supplies needed to fully protect their new treasures and items.

Our professional packers will take all the necessary precautions to ensure that breakable items of all types are correctly packed. They will also create a full computerized inventory of each case, making preparing of customs documents very straightforward and easy.

Additionally, as some items cannot be transported through this service, our staff will let you know about any restrictions and make the appropriate arrangements to ship those items, with your approval, using the methods that meet all shipping regulations.

Additional Benefits

With our service for shipping excess baggage, we offer full insurance or all risk insurance for all bags and luggage we pack. This provides full coverage for any loss including theft, breakage, breakage or any other type of loss.

To make things even more convenient for our customers who may not be familiar with our locations throughout India, we offer complimentary door to door service. This means that our staff will come to you to collect your excess baggage at no cost and at a time that is convenient. We will also arrange for our international delivery partners including DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT to deliver your baggage to the destination of your choice.

With the option to use our services for shipping excess baggage you don’t have to worry about having to leave items behind. Our service is much lower cost than the airlines, and we provide a guaranteed delivery to your home or designated address, which allows maximum freedom in bringing items home.


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