What to Look for in an International Courier in Bangalore

If you live or work in Bangalore and are interested in finding an international courier, you have a few things that you should be considering. It is not a good idea to choose the first courier you find because they may not offer the services or options you need. Of course, to ship to certain areas, you will need an international courier, so consider one that will do local shipping as well, so they can be your go-to option no matter what or where you need to ship.


If you are a business, chances are you will need the same things shipped continuously. However, even companies with more than a few products may find themselves in need of a specific courier because of the items they are shipping. Many items are considered hazardous, especially those with batteries or chemicals. If you are shipping chemicals from the warehouse to the stores in Bangalore, you will need to acquire an international courier that can handle these types of items.

When searching, go to the website of the courier and find out if they offer hazardous goods shipping. They should list the items they can and will ship somewhere on the website to make it easier for you. If not, call them directly to find out.

Door-to-Door Options

Many shipping companies are choosing to leave shipped items on doorsteps or in another area without bothering to knock on the door to notify the household of the shipment. This can be dangerous as the item could get damaged from being out in the elements or stolen. Make sure the international courier in Bangalore will provide door-to-door pickup and delivery of your items. They should arrive at your business or home to pick up the items you are shipping. If they are required to pack the items, they will take it to the warehouse and pack them properly. Otherwise, they may place them directly on the truck to begin its journey.

When it arrives at its destination, it will require that the delivery person go to the door and present the item, requesting a signature before handing over the item. This ensures the safety of the item and that it gets directly to its intended recipient.


It should be understood that an international courier will take longer to arrive at its destination, though most couriers can promise shipment in as little as four days, depending on where it is going.