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Whatever industry sector you operate in Fastway Express provides dedicated & shared Warehousing & Distribution Operations to ensure that you deliver your service promise to your customers.

We also provide a range of value added services that can improve the efficiency & responsiveness of your supply chain even further.

By understanding your issues & anticipating your business & logistics need, Our experts provide robust solutions that will drive value for your business.

Fastway Express offers warehousing services for its clients, which allows easy access to process orders and distribute products quickly & cost effective. Our warehouses are well laid out, staffed with rich experience, supported by the latest inventory management practices, round the clock security, and specialized storage system. We can also specially design our warehouse as per the cliental requirements to handle large volumes. We are well equipped to cater all type of industries.

We provide 3PL, 4PL, & 7PL logistic Services

Safe features

  • Round the clock security.
  • Access controlled entrance.
  • Easy Access to retrieve or replace goods.
  • Regular pest treatment.
  • Scanning and bar-coding for easy retrieval.
  • Insurance coverage.


  • Dedicated warehouse.
  • Bonded warehouse.
  • Shared warehouse.
  • Temporary warehouse.


  • Pallet storage.
  • Floor storage.
  • Rack storage.
  • Bin storage.
  • Temperature controlled storage.
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Fastway Express offers a wide range of storage options based on your needs. Our storage solutions offer enough space to store your office and household goods. We can also accommodate pallet size goods, crates and bulk items in a secure environment that is monitored at all times. For all your small or binned items we can store and manage them through our micro storage system. The best part is no matter what your household or business requirement for storage may be Fastway Express offers short-term storage rates. This means that customers pay for the exact space and time storage is required for. If you opt for storage for a long term basis we will offer various discount tier depending term of storage!
Distribution services is the function where by product are distributed from our warehouse to the destination. Our client’s produces are received, safely stored, and delivered as and when directed to branch offices, customers, or elsewhere as the client directs. Whether the job is wholesale or retail we cater to all types of businesses. Whether you are an internet based client, multiple-branch Corporation or manufacturing company our professional team will perform all your distribution with exceptional service & economical pricing.
Fastway Express fulfillment services include Re-Packaging, Inventory Maintenance, Shipping Documentation, Shipping, Inventory Reports, split billing and more. Whether you’re a small startup company that wants to focus on sales and marketing instead of Fulfillment, or a large company that needs to outsource 3rd Party Logistics, we can help.Fastway Express has built an end to end fulfillment solution to support your online and ecommerce customers as well. In other words, you manage your website we manage your logistics.
Putting together separate units to make one single unit is called Kit Assembly. Fastway Express can re-pack items; get them ready for storage or shipping by using our customized Kit assembly process. Fastway Express can also efficiently kit items coming from multiple sources. Our facility is equipped in implementing this process for accuracy and quality standards.
Cross docking is distribution systems whereby items received at our warehouse are not received into stock, but are prepared for shipment to another location or for retail stores .It’s a process by which we reship items or goods that are received from your suppliers. They are then inspected and repackaged, if necessary, and shipped out again via truck or air freight.
Fastway Express carries exclusive packaging that fit our customer’s needs. We have the equipment and inventory to repack goods in a manner in containers or boxes other than in which they were received. We carry packaging materials such as shrink wrap, furniture pads, corrugated sheets, foam, specialty boxes, Movers packing, pallets, crates and more. We can also personalize your shipment to reflect your organization’s name on them.
Quality assurance is the major factor in making our customers happy. Which is why at Fastway Express we don’t leave any stoned unturned when it comes to inspections. Quality inspections are conducted based on our customer’s requirements. Fastway Express works closely with each customer to meet their inspection standards of their goods. We are the quality inspector for your inventory. Rest assured.
Fastway Express can receive, inspect and restock returned goods or send it back to its manufacturer. In the process of reverse logistics goods move from customers to distributors or manufacturers. If goods are defective then goods are inventoried and disposed or returned back to the customer if goods are not in repairable condition. Fastway Express customizes returned goods to meet customer’s specific requirements.

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COURIER, CARGO & PARCEL SERVICES - International & Domestic

Favourite Destinations - USA, UK, EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UAE & INDIA (Worldwide Destinations)
Send packages from India to International Destinations (Worldwide).
Send packages from abroad & Receive in India.
Introducing - Domestic Services for Sending & Receiving Packages, Couriers and Cargo within India.
We have built relationships with well-known renowned shipping companies that include DHL, UPS and others
🥰 - Apart from delivering regular shipments, both Import & Export, Fastway Express offers a unique service to courier anything & send personal packages from Individuals to Individuals across the world from India with a committed and definite express delivery system. Apart from delivering regular packages, our services includes of sending parcels, Cargo, excess baggage, apparels, student baggage, relocations, household items, Personnel effects, etc. We are the only courier company in India specialized for delivering Homemade Food Items & Medicines to USA, UK, EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UAE & INDIA (Worldwide Destinations).
We carry all types of food items including Pickles, Sweets, Sambar - Rasam - Masala Powders, Chatni Pudis, spices, Savouries, Groceries and Condiments
We are considered as one of the fastest and reliable courier services providing door to door delivery between India, USA, UK, Europe, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UAE, Middle East & 200 Other Countries
Same services for Pan-India as well!

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