Domestic Services within India

It’s not the organizations that are competing. It is the supply chains that are competing.
– Wael Safwat

Business in India has always been about captive consumption. The primary reason why India has been growing and inviting interest from most advanced countries of the world as potential trade partner, regional leader and so on.

With the surge in e-commerce, advanced banking services and so on, the domestic requirement for logistics apart from small and large businesses is seeing a competitive growth.

Major Modes of Domestic Transfer:

  1. Railways
  2. Air Freight
  3. Road Transport
  4. Multi-Modal Logistics
  5. Messenger Services
  6. Hand Carry Services
  7. Octroi Payment Services
  8. Temporary Warehousing Services
  9. Reverse Logistics
  10. Full Truck Services
  11. Odd Cargo Services
India has a formidable network of railways in India, which is modernizing and growing, getting faster each day, by routes, by tracks and by kilometers. This makes it easier reach to a wide range of places, cities and towns, making logistics viable.
Air cargo industry is seeing a new spurt in the recent months not just years. Travelling by air, cargo by air is picking up to be a competing business segment and more and more viable for parcels and documents alike for its speed and efficiency, with the promise of the time advantage over any mode of transport.
India can boast of a wide network of roads in the plains, coastal or even the hilly regions of the country. This is further added and supported with the upcoming infrastructure projects and plans where the travel time is seeing a magnitude of change owing to the express road networks, widening national and state highway lanes and so on. The advantage of roads lies in its ability to reach even further compared to the destinations covered by the air and railways. Eventually, it is to the roads that the logistics flows through to make the chain of events complete.
Multimodal Logistics includes the managing or delivery or cargo, consignment or even parcels using more than one mode of transportation and the statutory requirements that may be needed along with it.
Letters and Parcels needing special handling are focused in our messenger services, ensuring that your critical documents reach at the right time across destinations.
Sometimes you may need some goods to be carried in person and handed over owing to the criticality or the safety and essentialness of the goods in transit. This too can be arranged with our Hand Carry Services.
Domestic transfer services may need you to take care of local taxes and statues payable at destination and on route for the parcels and documents that have been sent or to be received. Our team at Fastway ensures that all important handling is done without any hassles for you at our end itself.
In case your goods need to be stored before they continue transit to the final destination in India, Fastway can arrange for temporary warehousing services as well.
Goods that have been delivered may need to be shipped back owing to any reason. The task only gets more and more cumbersome unless left to the experts. We ensure that the goods are picked and packed and returned back in the condition they were supposed to have been committed.
We have a connectivity of network modes, where for large size cargo, dedicated full truck services too can be arranged.
Cargos come in all shape and sizes. When it comes to domestic or international cargo, the key lies in finding the right mix of transportation for the documents and parcels at hand. The odd size may make it difficult for the sender to manage transportation and handling as well. With Fastway, you can leave it to the experts to make it happen.

Fastway Advantage:

With years of experience and an efficient team, Fastway is capable of arranging and coordinating between these basic modes. The expertise is only growing if could be measured in kilometers, we would express the large chunk of cargo and parcels that are actually moving to and fro, making Fastway the master of its routes in the domestic arena as well.

The Fastway wide range of networks in offices ensures that there is perfect tracking and management of the consignments, cargos and parcels as if you were to carry it on your own, minus the trouble.

Transportation and couriers have never been easier. Where the rules and restrictions between domestic boundaries are easier to manage on level of cargo and trade, it has been made difficult for individuals to carry bulk cargo which if not. To put it in simpler words, it is easier for a shipping and logistics expert to ship your goods than you carrying the bulk of the goods, while trying to save some money without affecting the security of your co-passengers as well.

  1. Courier cycle
  2. What can we send
  3. What can we not send?
  4. How Fastway makes logistics easy for you?
  5. What should you ask from Fastway?
  6. What should you provide from ease of shipment?

Fastway Express is a leading premium express delivery company providing courier services from India to foreign destinations as well as domestic solutions for documents and parcels. We offer specialized and dedicated delivery system through our customized and unique courier services specially designed for individuals, traders, corporate, travellers, exporters and importers. So, no matter whether you need to send a parcel, document, cargo we can help you with transporting anything within India as well. We also provide excess baggage services and can also meet relocation services for household items and corporate organizations within India.

You can send just anything including electronic goods, garments, medicines, food items, university documents, parcels, unaccompanied baggage etc. to any city or state of India with complete safety. We can handle everything from door pickup, packaging of parcels to door delivery. Our services are highly used by businessmen, traders, importers and exporters and even individuals requiring international or domestic relocation services for India. The process and workflow we follow is specially designed in such a way that the parcels reach safely within committed time frame.

Our reputed courier company is known for offering courier services for almost anything to within India. Besides delivering documents and parcels, we also specialize in delivering food items like pickles, groceries, condiments, sweets etc., to foreign destinations and within India and other worldwide destinations. Our courier services to USA are known for quick delivery and committed services. We have a wide network with global presence and operations hub in all the metropolitan cities of India. Our head office is located in Bangalore and we also have a regional office in Hyderabad from where we operate to provide the best overseas courier and cargo services. Besides Hyderabad and Bangalore, we have offices in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and agents scattered all over India handling international and domestic courier services efficiently.

The best thing about Fastway Express is that it has close association with the renowned names in international courier services like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc. These renowned companies provide us huge discounts because of the volumes we provide them. We believe in sharing this benefit with our customers due to which our international courier prices are far lower than what other courier companies provide. Moreover, we also provide packaging services for preparing your goods for shipment so that you don’t have to bear extra packaging costs.

You can fill a Request a Quote form online available on our website to avail exceptional courier services at discounted price. We will send you a quote which will suit to your requirements. You can very well Schedule a Pickup as per your convenience and be assured that your parcel will be picked up from your door, packed, transported, shipped and undergo custom clearance formalities and ultimately delivered to its destination within committed time. We also offer the facility of payment at the time of delivering your parcel.

Whether you want us to handle a large cargo or your relocation to USA, we can very well do that we also provide packers and movers services. We very well understand that how important it is to deliver goods safely when it comes to import and export business. Thus, Fastway Express can be the best choice for sending parcels, documents, goods, excess baggage etc., within India.

We Carry:

  • Documents, parcels, shipments, cargo’s, samples, food items, pickles, groceries, electronic items, garments and anything else..
  • Unaccompanied luggage
  • International air freight for both individuals and corporate sectors
  • Unaccompanied baggage
  • Sports equipment
  • Personal effects
  • Overweight baggage
  • Household transfers by air freight
  • Excess baggage shipping

At Fastway Express we Offer:

  • Free home Pick-up.
  • Multiple shipment tracking options.
  • 24/7 Customer service helpline Fastway Express – International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
  • And special rewards for sending applications abroad.

The advantages of getting your goods shipped through Fastway express courier are many:

Features & Benefits:

  • Door to door services
  • Custom Clearance expertise
  • Unmatched value for money prices for domestic and international courier service
  • International packages will be delivered in 4 to 6 business days
  • Free packing
  • Each shipment carries insurance
  • Reach to 220+ countries world wide
  • Packaging for international travel proof
  • Simple documentation
  • We carry anything globally
  • Power to choose between normal delivery and express/ same say delivery (for selected destinations)
  • Detailed real time online tracking
  • Free home pick – up
  • Money back guarantee
  • Online payment option
  • Easy shipment planning services
  • Free home pick – up

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Please note that all our overseas courier services delivery are subject to customs and duties law of all concerned nations.

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