Foreigners & NRI Services

“To the people here, we are outsiders. Foreigners.”
– Roberto Clemente

NRIs (Non Resident Indians)!

Just like what Robert Clemente said, NRIs often feel like foreigners even when they live for a very long time in new places. But well who said you have to feel like a foreigner in your little world created there. You can always ship a piece of home back home using our services. When it comes to Non Resident Indians or NRIs, being Indians we understand that despite the distance of kilometers or generations, some part of you always lives in the land of India. Whichever country Non Resident Indians or NRIs go to, you are bound to miss those little delights from home or want the best of the ayurvedic gifts, handicrafts from various parts of India. After all, all this together helps you rebuild your home away from home.

Those days are gone when Non Resident Indians or NRIs or foreigners had to wait for someone from India to be coming to your place. You can do that today with an international courier service without even bothering your loved ones too. Also, you do remember that the airline baggage norms are getting stricter by the day. To save money; call us!

At Fastway Express we offer this exclusive service to Non Resident Indians or NRIs and foreigners who may want things from India, either picked from the home or office of family and friends or directly from stores of your choice. This also makes sure your friends from India don’t need to deal with excess baggage or when you are returning from India, we can take care of that excess baggage of a large variety like documents and parcels, medicines,

food products etc. So, if you require anything from your family in India, give us the address, we will pick it up and deliver it to you at your doorstep anywhere in the world. We can even bring your world from India, again delivered at your doorstep.

Transacting goods in and out of India for personal use was never this easy. As a leading Indian courier company, Fastway Express can offer such unique global logistics solutions. It is our reach and network that makes it such an easy task for us to undertake. Along with a team of specialists in custom clearance, it is a delight for most of our customers.

With stress on adherence to strict timelines and more people friendly initiatives Fastway Express promises value for your money. We deliver almost anything from India to more than 200+ countries worldwide.

Fastway Express ships any package ranging from 1Kg to 1000Kg where more volume translates into better pricing. All this, with a standard shipping time of 6 – 7 days and express shipping in 2 – 4 days.


Relocation for foreigners and Non Resident Indians or NRIs will never again be a dreaded term. It will be as hassle free as you can imagine. You only need to get in touch with us, take your hand luggage and catch that important flight. We will take care of all the packing and couriering or shipping of your house hold items right till your home back there. All documentation and physical jobs left to us, we only need you to cooperate with the requirements and signing where ever needed. Even better is that you will have to deal in single currency at single point. So no running from pillar to post dealing with customs or payment related issues. Our shipping insurance is a bonus, which makes your shipping as safe as a commercial consignment you would undertake. Some of our services for Non Resident Indians or NRIs include insurance, tracking and immediate customer support standing by to answer any of your questions. So, place your needs in our hands and rest assured as we will make your relocation overseas a hassle free process.
Now you can be home, even when you are away from home!

Reasons why Fastway Should Interest You:

  • The most competitive price
  • Guaranteed door delivery Services In 5 to 6 working days.
  • Door pickup and free packing
  • Fast and easy clearing services
  • No hassles
  • Online confirmation and tracking
  • No duty
  • Online Payment Option
    If you need something from India, call us and we will pick it up and deliver at your door step.
    Could it get simpler than this????

The advantages of getting your goods shipped through Fastway express courier are many:

Features & Benefits:

  • Door to door services
  • Custom Clearance expertise
  • Unmatched value for money prices for domestic and international courier service
  • International packages will be delivered in 4 to 6 business days
  • Free packing
  • Each shipment carries insurance
  • Reach to 220+ countries world wide
  • Packaging for international travel proof
  • Simple documentation
  • We carry anything globally
  • Power to choose between normal delivery and express/ same say delivery
  • Detailed real time online tracking
  • Money back guarantee
  • Online payment option
  • Easy shipment planning services
  • Free home pick – up

To avail of our discounted prices and exceptional services fill out our Request a Quote form online and be assured of a quote that suits your requirements. You can Schedule a Pickup online and rest assured that your package / cargo is packed, transported, shipped, cleared and delivered to your destination on time. An added advantage that Fastway offers includes payment upon delivery of goods.

To know more about Corporate benefits, sign up and contact us or request a call back.

Fastway provides the fastest courier, cargo and relocation services from India to USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and to all GCC countries & Worldwide. Also, we can pick and deliver all your packages from USA, UK or Europe to India and to all international destinations from India.

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COURIER, CARGO & PARCEL SERVICES - International & Domestic

Favourite Destinations - USA, UK, EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UAE & INDIA (Worldwide Destinations)
Send packages from India to International Destinations (Worldwide).
Send packages from abroad & Receive in India.
Introducing - Domestic Services for Sending & Receiving Packages, Couriers and Cargo within India.
We have built relationships with well-known renowned shipping companies that include DHL, UPS and others
🥰 - Apart from delivering regular shipments, both Import & Export, Fastway Express offers a unique service to courier anything & send personal packages from Individuals to Individuals across the world from India with a committed and definite express delivery system. Apart from delivering regular packages, our services includes of sending parcels, Cargo, excess baggage, apparels, student baggage, relocations, household items, Personnel effects, etc. We are the only courier company in India specialized for delivering Homemade Food Items & Medicines to USA, UK, EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UAE & INDIA (Worldwide Destinations).
We carry all types of food items including Pickles, Sweets, Sambar - Rasam - Masala Powders, Chatni Pudis, spices, Savouries, Groceries and Condiments
We are considered as one of the fastest and reliable courier services providing door to door delivery between India, USA, UK, Europe, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UAE, Middle East & 200 Other Countries
Same services for Pan-India as well!

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