Hiring a Moving Service: Things and Tips to Know

Relocating to another country might be a dream come true for you, especially if you’re doing the move for a new job or to pursue higher studies. However, moving there itself can be an experience fraught with frustration and stress. One way to reduce the insanity and chaos of moving day is to scout for international relocation services and find the best one.

Insurance Options

Does the company offer insurance for your shipment? That’s a good sign, says the Telegraph. Companies that generally offer warranties are confident in their ability to provide you with the best service possible.

Pick Up Options

Some companies offer to pick your shipments up from home but this service can come at a cost. Shop around until you find ones that include this service as an additional feature of the service for no additional charge.

Delivery Time Frame

How long will the delivery take? Some take about 4 to 6 business days, which is the standard. If you want express delivery, talk to your mover and talk about available options to you. However, be prepared to pay for this in costs since rush delivery charges can go sky-high, especially during the peak season. Anything longer than 7 business days is much too long so it’s in your best interests to shop around.

Packing Assistance

Pressed for time and still haven’t packed a thing? Some international relocation services offer packing assistance. Go for those companies so you won’t have to worry about making packing mistakes. In addition, professionals know how to pack your belongings right regardless of if the items are clothes, furniture, appliances or more. From the right tools and materials to proper wrapping and packaging of your belongings, professional experts will know how to protect your items from damage and risk during transport and delivery.

Additional Tips to Consider

  • You can save on costs by familiarizing yourself with the company’s delivery timeline. Plan your move carefully so you can find the best time to have your shipment delivered in a way that will ensure it’ll arrive right when you do and not two weeks or a month after you’re already living at your new address.
  • Make sure you provide your mover with the proper documentation and files, especially for items that may fall under the hazardous goods list like home cleaners that might contain corrosive agents.
  • Look for one in advance. Book a moving company ahead of time. Don’t wait for the eleventh hour or you’ll find yourself with less than stellar options.