3 Common Baggage Problems and Handy Fixes

Anyone who has ever played tourist has at least been guilty of one of the packing problems listed below. It might seem insignificant in nature, but packing problems can snowball into a chain of unfortunate events and turn your getaway into a disaster. By knowing them in advance, you can keep yourself from making the same mistakes:

Confiscated Item

If airport security confiscates an item (ex: expensive bottle of perfume), it is not necessarily lost to you forever. If you have plenty of time yet, check in your bag so you can keep your prized possession. However, if lines are long, you also risk missing your flight so keep that in mind, cautions the Independent Traveler.

Tip: Ship your bags to the desired destination in advance. By paying for baggage delivery services, you won’t have to worry about having your perfume or jumbo shampoo bottle confiscated, lining up at the check-in counter and possibly missing your flight. You can get through check-in and right to the waiting lounge sans any problems.

Boatload of Souvenirs

You loved your vacation so much that you want to bring along a boatload of souvenirs back home. However, that could mean exceeding weight restrictions and extra baggage fees. You could always pack lightly for the trip and leave plenty of luggage space for your souvenirs. Be honest with yourself when you pack. You know your shopping habits better than anyone else. Don’t try to tell yourself you won’t need the luggage space when you always end up paying for extra baggage fees.

Tip: Shipping your souvenirs back home means you won’t have to worry about weight and size restrictions. You can also bring home as many souvenirs—from that Giant Kitsune statue and those wonderfully-rendered geisha dolls to that Flamenco costume and Venetian glasswork pieces. Since companies offering baggage delivery services provide better handling experience, you can count on your souvenirs to get home in one piece.

Damaged Luggage

If you’ve ever had your trusty travel bag or luggage break down on you, that could be a problem of major proportions. Preparation is key here. If you’ve got duct tape, you could jiggle a temporary solution. An alternative option is to find a shop at the airport that sells anything you could use to hide or fix the worst of the problem.

Tip: Shipping your bags also means you won’t have to worry about your luggage breaking down while you try to lug it throughout the airport. If you want to avoid these baggage issues, you’d do well to simply have your luggage delivered ahead.