5 Ways to Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

We’ve all been down that road before: wearing double layers of jackets or shirts just to lower your baggage weight while everyone else on the queue rolls their eyes. If that doesn’t work, you’ll be forced to throw half of your bag’s contents into the trash pile. If you want to put a stop to all those excess bag issues and problems, here are several lifesaving tips:

Learn to Pack Light

Packing takes more than just throwing everything you might need right into your luggage until it’s bursting at the seams. Learn to pick out which clothes are travel-friendly and which ones you can mix and match so you won’t have to bring along your entire closet with you. Bring only the essentials, says The Guardian.

Dress for the Weather

Be sure to look over the weather updates for your trip dates. There’s no point in bringing along those extra jackets when the weather is warm and sunny. Knowing the weather can help you pack much more efficiently and lose a lot of the excess baggage.

Shop Once You Arrive

Some travelers lug around nearly empty bags and that’s fine. You can shop for clothes when you get there. That way, you won’t have to worry about excess baggage fees at the start of your trip. And when it’s time to go home? One suggestion is that you can simply ship your bags.

Ship your Bags

If you’re overzealous with your packing or have a ton of souvenirs to bring to everyone back home, then it’s best to have them shipped. Look for companies that offer shipping excess baggage overseas. By engaging these services, you can say goodbye to all those times you had to leave half of your luggage behind just to avoid paying for outrageous extra baggage charges.

Pick a Reliable Company

However, make sure you pick a reliable company for shipping excess baggage overseas. Ask around or read up on online reviews. If there are plenty of bad press and reviews about the delivery company, protect yourself from any future problems and stress by switching to another company, one with a better online reputation and credibility. After all, you’re on vacation. The last thing you want to hear is someone telling you they’ve lost, mishandled your luggage or damaged its contents.

Travel is much more fun when you aren’t worried about extra baggage fees. Heed these tips and you’ll have more to spare for your trip’s happy fund.