12 Top Services Offered by Courier Companies

Top Services Provided by a Courier Company

There are many diverse dispatch requirements from customers, and courier companies endeavor to provide suitable resources for various dispatch necessities. As a result, clients are offered dependable options to send a multitude of packages of different sizes and weights to other countries from India.

Competitive Results and Benefits for Customers

Besides the typical type of mail such as letters, invitations, or greeting cards for example, consumers can enjoy sending mail with ease, no matter what type of mail they are sending to many locations all over the world. Even food items and excess luggage can be sent at lower prices when sent by courier companies that are international such as Fastway Worldwide Express. They have excellent services that include competitive dispatch options to make distributing packages much easier.

Food Courier Services

Courier services for food products is a top quality dispatch service obtainable at Fastway Express. Customers that create culinary delights such as pickles freshly made, spices, sweets, homemade foods and masala products can easily and safely send them to countries abroad from India. This service is not always available through other delivery services.

Excess Solutions for Baggage

Those who travel out of their country may have excess luggage issues since they cannot easily restrict the amount of luggage they carry. They may not be able to afford excess luggage fees which can be highly expensive with luggage weight restrictions that can cut into a traveling budget. Often times the fees cost more than the luggage and contents. Fastway Express aids travelers that have excess luggage that needs to reach their destination in a cost-effective manner, without paying costly fees set by aircraft limitations. We will take care of your additional luggage and make sure it reaches your destination while charging an economical price.

Dispatch Services are also offered for students going to University. Fastway presents distinct dispatch services to pupils called the University Express. Now students can directly send important documents such as applications for University admission across the country so they reach their destination in a timely manner.

Medical Dispatch Services

Our Medicine express services are an exclusive type of shipping service that gives consumers options to drop off and pick up packages. There are many options in which to choose that are quite helpful during an emergency too. Now shipping packages for medical purposes is easier than ever since they can be picked up or dripped off whenever or wherever life-saving medicines are needed.

Relocating Abroad with No Worry about Threatening Fees

Do you find yourself concerned about transferring your beloved possessions to a different country? You do not need to worry; we offer some of the best and fair priced moving solutions for your moving needs. We provide our customers with relocation moving services and packers that can handle your shipping needs including packing for all of your household products, antiques, musical instruments, and much more. You are assured that your belongings will reach their destination in a safe manner.

Simple Cargo Transportation

Fastway Express provides exceptional services offering air freight and sea freight services. It is our goal to give a clear transfer time statement, provide flexibility in restrictions concerning weight unless a particular aircraft company has specific restrictions, and track dispatch services.

Innovations in Dispatch Service

Fastway Express always incorporates forward momentum. Our warehouse and delivery services are cost effective and highly reliable for industries that need to accomplish timely shipping of their products without needlessly storing their products in house for an extended period of time. We provide trustworthy services to transmit tourists and their luggage to many worldly destinations from India.


Fastway Express provides high-tech services for dispatch in India with a multitude of reliable services offered that is cost-effective, trustworthy and helpful.