5 Ways to Avoid Paying for Extra Baggage Fees

Don’t want to part with your hard-earned cash just to pay for extra baggage fees? You aren’t alone. You’ve probably done it a time or two before. Here’s how to put a stop to that vicious cycle:

Pack like Joan Didion

The writer is well known for her creative work, but it’s her packing list from her 1979 The White Album that has garnered much attention from style icons and readers, Elle reports. It’s a seven-item list that’s stood the test of time. If you want to cut down any stress on picking out which outfit to wear for that day, this list is going to change your life.

Ship Your Bags

It’s a lot less stressful and certainly much more cost-effective than simply paying for ridiculous extra baggage charges. If your bags are oversize and exceed weight restrictions by more than a few kilos, choosing a baggage delivery service is your best bet. You can reduce your costs without leaving a pile of discarded clothes near the trash bin or trying to wear as much of your luggage on you as you can.

Pack Appropriately

Another thing to note is to be careful about the items you pack. If you’re bringing sports equipment and musical instruments, a baggage delivery service is ideal since they can accommodate requests for irregularly shaped cargo. You won’t have to fear having your equipment squashed or put in a crowded space, which could permanently damage your equipment.

Ditch the Bulk

You could always pack light at the start of your trip. Instead of trying to make a pyramid of Samsonite luggage, you’ll want to go with a light carry on and get whatever you need when you get there. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about excess baggage fees.

Take Advantage of Your Carry-On Options

Some people focus too much on their check-in luggage that they forget to maximize their carry-ons. Make sure you fill up your bag near to capacity. Weigh it carefully so you’ll know if you still have a few kilos to work with.


Whichever option you select – pack light or have your bags shipped – there are ways to go around those baggage fees. By knowing your options, you’ll have a much easier method for saving money on your baggage costs. Be sure to pick a reliable delivery service for your trip for better safety and service.