Fastway Express Baggage Shipping Service Makes Travel Easy

When you travel you have several things to consider and this includes your luggage or baggage. Do you bring it with you and pay all those fees for extra baggage? Maybe you would like to find a better solution than traveling with all your bags. Fastway baggage shipping service (International Excess Baggage Express) has a much better solution and here is how it works.

Most airlines today have restrictions on how much baggage you can bring free. Some have weight restrictions and only allow two pieces. Anything more than that and you must pay excess baggage fees and these fees can be substantial. You can often save quite a bit of money (50 percent in some cases) when you use a trusted baggage shipping service like International Excess Baggage Express.

Service for Excess Baggage

When you travel internationally you might have many pieces of baggage and shipping those extra bags doesn’t have to be a problem. You can be assured your bags will arrive at the right destination and in excellent condition. Our trained professionals are there to help you choose the right shipping method and they know what kind of information you need to provide, so your bags will clear customs without long delays.

Delivery Services

If you are getting ready to travel overseas you may have a lot of thing to do. There is no need to carry a great deal of baggage with you on your way to the airport. Why not make it easy on yourself with our baggage delivery services? There is no need to leave your home or office. We come there and pick up your bags. We offer door to door, airport shipping and door to seaport services for your convenience. We will make sure that all the paperwork is included. For example, packing lists, customs paperwork and security declarations are taken care of.

Student Baggage Sipping Service

If you are a student you can qualify for special rates from Fastway Express. This is a good way to save money and make sure your possessions and documents arrive safely and on time.

Corporate Services

Are you relocating your business to another country? You’ll also need to ship all your personal things too. You can choose one company to take care of all these things in a most efficient and cost effective manner.

When you choose Fastway Express baggage shipping service you enjoy a wide range of options for making life easier and more convenient. Visit us on the Web today at http://fastwayindia.com/for more information.


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