How Courier Services Works for Domestic & International

Courier Services in India

India is one of the fastest developing nations in the world. Many regions within India have witnessed immense growth during the past few years and there are several types of industries presenting a broad variety of products and services for domestic and international clients; including courier services in India.

In the earlier days, the Indian government launched the postal department to provide ordinary mail services for sending and receiving all kinds of personal and official mails, messages, documents and parcels; within and outside the country at low rates.

However, people preferred faster and customized services and hence a number of private couriers started operating at all levels; from small towns and big cities, to minor regions and major states; offering various national and international courier services.

Courier Company in India

As a leading courier company in India based in Bangalore with operation hubs in all the major metropolitan cities of the country including branches in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Cochin; providing a wide range of special services, quickly and safely at most reasonable prices.

We have a well established online tracking system and a proficient express delivery system; to offer prompt pick up and dependable drop off for a variety of shipments; through an extensive network of road, rail and air connectivity across many urban and rural areas of India.

Courier companies mainly provide intra city and/or inter city services as well international courier services. Intra city services involves delivery of documents and parcels in the same city; whereas inter city services refers to transporting the same within the city and also to other cities.

Couriers in India

Nowadays, couriers have become a necessity for both individuals and business corporations. They offer affordable services that include free packing and free pick up; with fast and secured delivery of goods and packages from door to door.

Couriers in India are allowed to carry various items including household goods, food products, garments, home appliances, medicines, corporate gifts, books, stationery items, toys, electronic items, furniture, grocery items, dangerous goods and chemicals; and anything that is permitted legally.