Looking for Courier Service to India?

It used to be that getting products from one country to another was very expensive. However, with the world seemingly shrinking every day because of the internet, more and more people are becoming aware of products from overseas and shipping is becoming more affordable. Whether you are a business looking to export, or simply a private citizen who has family or friends in India that you want to send stuff to, you want to find a courier service to India that will fit the bill.

Products Not Available in India

With the wide use of the internet, people all over the world can see products on line and read raving reviews about the products, causing a desire to try them. However, oddly enough, many products that can be viewed online are not shipped directly by the manufacturer to locations overseas. This can prove aggravating to folks who want to try products, and may become regular customers, if they could only get the products. It might also be that students that have studied overseas and returned to India have favorite items that are only available where they were studying. So, the only solution to these problems are finding a good and reliable courier service to India.

Exporting to India

If you are an exporter and are beginning to ship products to India, you should start with a company that knows India, started there and has their headquarters there. Fastway Worldwide Express India has its headquarters in Bangalore, with other offices located in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities as well. So, whether you are an exporter or just sending personal items, Fastway has an office nearby that can handle your shipment with efficiency and care.

Full Service from Fastway

Fastway is a full service courier service to India. They handle all types of courier services, including everything from small packages to entire households. They will even come to your location and pack your items for you. They know everything there is to know regarding customs and getting your package through without delay. They offer door to door service and 24-hour customer service along with:

  • Online tracking service
  • Online payment options
  • Shipping globally
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unmatched reasonable prices
  • Insurance coverage

No matter what you are sending, Fastway Worldwide Express India will get it where you want it to go. They handle hazardous materials, food items, printed material, medications and electronics, along with other items that some couriers won’t take. Contact them today for a timely pick up.


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