Pros and Cons of Excess Baggage Services

It is true that some airlines offer a checked bag for free, but when you think that most people who travel on airplanes require at least two full suitcases per trip, this doesn’t amount to much. Of course, there are some people that can get away with two or three outfits and minimal items, but most people want to have fresh, clean clothes for the duration of their trip. Therefore, excess baggage services can be helpful. With these services, you can use a courier to ship all your luggage to your destination and most times, they will pick up the luggage, as well. There are good and bad points to using this service, just like with everything.


One of the biggest positives of using excess baggage services is that your items are guaranteed to arrive when they promise. This is definitely not the case with airlines, which cannot guarantee your bags will be waiting for you at the terminal. Many couriers offer a money-back guarantee if your items do become lost.

These services are perfect for people who travel laden with bags or for those that are temporarily moving to another country for business or pleasure. Many times, employees live in a foreign country for a short amount of time, living in furnished apartments or in hotels, so they don’t need a removal or moving service, but will require almost all of their wardrobes.

While most airlines allow one or two carry-on bags for free, some are charging for those, too. In many cases, excess baggage services charge about the same rate as a carry-on bag would cost with an airline, with guarantees your bag will arrive, so it could be worth it.


Excess luggage services seem to be perfect, but there are a few drawbacks, though most people feel these slight problems aren’t worth worrying about. For instance, more planning is involved to use these services, as you will need to send the bags earlier than your flight. Many times, however, courier services can handle this problem by picking your bags up for you before the flight so that you don’t need to worry.

These services will not be a benefit to those who frequently travel lightly anyway. You will likely pay more to ship your luggage through a courier than by using the airline because you get one carry-on and one checked bag usually.