The Basics of Shipping Containers Used by Overseas Courier Services

Overseas courier services use a variety of different systems for transporting goods from one country to another. Large amounts of freight are transported via aircraft and ocean freighters. The type of containers used depends upon the method of travel and the type, plus amount of goods which are being transported. Once the freight reaches its intended destination region, it is either warehoused and stored for distribution or taken the rest of the journey by land vehicles for delivery, depending on the service and what the customer wants.

Types of Freight Containers Used by Overseas Courier Services

The intermodal container, also known as an ISO container, shipping container, box, conex box, sea can, sea container, c-box or cube container, is a steel box which is made in standardized sizes and is extremely durable, making them more cost-effective because they’re reusable. These are used in transporting freight aboard seagoing cargo vessels. The intermodal containers are stackable, allowing for the maximum amount of available transport space on a freight vessel. The name intermodal refers to how they may be used in a variety of different transportation environments. This means the contents may be moved in the container, and then the container can be moved from the ship to a truck or railway system without the need for transferring the contents.

Non-container transport methods include break bulk cargo and bulk cargo. Liquids and gases are transferred in tank cars, tank trucks and oil tankers. Some collapsible containers are also used for transporting certain liquids internationally. Refrigerated containers are used for transporting goods which are perishable. This helps to keep the contents at the recommended temperature and humidity levels to preserve freshness and avoid spoilage.

Some containers are ventilated for organic products which may otherwise build up dangerous gases. Cargo which is difficult to handle is frequently placed on rolling floor containers. Bulk minerals and heavy machinery are often transported in open top bulk containers. Special garment containers are used for transporting clothes which are shipped on hangers. There are customized containers for practically every type of item which is routinely imported or exported by overseas courier services.

Customs and Safety Requirements

Strict regulations on shipping goods have helped overseas courier services to standardize the types of containers which are required for shipping a particular type of good. These companies understand the specifications for meeting minimum safety requirements during transport and the rules for each port of entry within the destination countries where the cargo is to be delivered. For more information on overseas courier services, Fastway Worldwide Express is a reputable international courier service worthy of your consideration.