Compensation Procedure

All claims for damages must be done within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the document and/or parcels.Whereas, all loss claims need to be done within 21 days from the date the parcel is to be received by the consignee.

All complaints should be formally made, i.e. in writing. All evidence must be furnished to substantiate the claim, to enable investigation on Fastway Worldwide Express end.

In accordance to our standards we will process all the claims within 30 working days from the date of completion of the investigation and preparation of the outcome report.

Once the claims is processed, we will vide the Claims Department send an offer letter to the customer which should be accepted and/or rejected and/or appealed within seven (7) working days, otherwise, the claims will be deemed to have lapsed and case will be closed accordingly.

The maximum liability of the company for any claims made against us would be INR 1000.00 only. Any other amount is subject to the discretion of the management.

Should you have any further queries on the procedures of claims, kindly send your queries to and we will revert to you within 10 working days.