Courier Services for Importers & Exporters

High Caliber Courier Services for Importers and Exporters

The economy of the world and history in each nation is different. Availability and manufacturing is not the same throughout the world, and demand for certain items is not the same from one country to the next. This has led to the necessity of being able to ship goods internationally, so that customers around the world can have their needs met in an effective manner. There are many courier services for importers and exporters, but many of them have a lot of restrictions, high prices, and poor service. Here at Fastway Express we are an import/export courier service that offers a variety of solutions to ensure that customers have access to all types of goods, even goods that other companies often won’t ship.

The Indian economy has grown at an astronomical pace over the last several decades, and as a result imports and exports to and from India are the highest of any nation in the world. Since consumers can often get huge price breaks on high quality goods from India, they have taken advantage of the services we provide here at Fastway Express. Whether you are an enterprising businessman, a conventional importer, trader, exporter, or just an individual that wants to save on Indian merchandise, we have an array of solutions that will meet every type of logistics need.

Services and Benefits

  • Door to Door Services
  • Customs Clearance
  • Insurance Covers
  • Documentation
  • We Ship Anything Globally
  • We Offer Prices That are Unmatched
  • We Offer Detailed Online Tracking Services
  • Online Payment Options
  • Excellent Customer Service

From garments and groceries, to chemicals, samples, printed materials, fabric, electronics, consumer products, automobile parts, industrial items, healthcare products, medications, retail products, and other high quality goods that you may want from India, we ship anything to any location throughout the world. There are no weight, size, or volume restrictions, so you can ship anything that is legal to ship. To take advantage of our low prices and excellent services, complete the request a quote form on our website. We will work diligently to ensure you get the customized shipping solutions that you need and deserve. Payment may be made at the time your items are scheduled for pick-up, or at the time of delivery.