Corporate & Relocation Services to Organizations

The DNA of organizations varies from organization to organization. It depends on the nature of the enterprise, the process flow within the organization, mission critical functionality and timelines to meet client demands. Fastway Express as a specialist logistics conglomerate understands that there is no single solution that meets all requirements. When it comes to corporate relocation, each solution need to be custom made and derived from the Fastway Express experience and size. We provide solutions to the most demanding multinational organization to a small start-up with equal dexterity.

At Fastway Express care is taken to understand the market demands of individual clients and juxtapose this with logistics management to elicit the right solution. This results in shorter lead times as well as effective delivery management, a serious requirement in sectors like temperature controlled freight. Fastway Express shows the same concern even for much smaller freight like a single page document.

Services on offer:

  • Documents and Parcels – This process is designed to be simple and fast both at the clients’ place as well as in the place of delivery. The mantra is minimum hassles, minimum documentation and minimum time.
  • Cargo Services – The mantra is carry almost everything from garments, samples, chemicals, electronics, printed material, automobile parts, consumer products, fashion, industrial and engineering, life science and healthcare, retail, technology and renewable energy, and help the client in documentation and getting clearances.
  • Commercial Cargo – Commercial cargo has tax compliance requirements as well as the need to be delivered just in time. Fastway Express advises clients the best system enabling lesser expense and in time delivery.
  • Relocation services – Current business environments demand constant relocation of individuals and employees for projects, trainings etc. Fastway Express enables relocation as well as return to home base. Our relocation services include movement of household goods, food items, excess baggage, unaccompanied baggage & get there things back once there project complete .
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Goods – Movement of dangerous and hazardous goods have legal implications everywhere and sometimes change from state to state and province to province. A perfect understanding of the theory and practice of various legal structures is a must. Trust Fastway Express to make the movement of all dangerous and hazardous goods smooth and to reach the destination in time.
  • Airfreight and sea Freight – Fastway Express is equally at ease with small packages as well as moving containers and bulk material. For small packages which are time sensitive airfreight is the preferred choice while for containers and bulk material including iron and copper ore bulk freight is preferred. Fastway Express delivers integrated logistics management combining airfreight and sea freight with logistics on land.
  • Import Express – Import Express is a division of Fastway Express delivering focussed attention to provide turnkey solutions to enterprises concerned with import from any country in any continent.
  • Warehouse and Distribution – Enterprises concerned with import, export and even movement of goods within the country many times feel the acute need of temporary warehousing facility and distribution management. Fastway Express understands this as a part of business environment and offers the service of providing these solutions to its clients.

Client Benefits:

  • Every client has their own dedicated and experienced account manager
  • With over 1100 offices in 210 countries, Fastway is capable of organizing all your international
  • The state of the art web-tracking system offers clients the ease of tracking their shipment from their desk at any given time. This reduces the hassle of waiting in queue to talk to customer care.
  • The operations team is a group individual who are highly experienced and qualified individuals.
  • Client retention as well as executive retention is very high at Fastway Express enabling clients to personally know most of the executives at Fastway Express.

Value added services:

Monthly Billing COD Services Door to Door
Simple Documentation Custom Clearance Most competitive prices! Unmatched
Free Door Pickup Insurance Online Payment Option
Online Shipment Status & Tracking We ship with DHL, FEDEX& World renowned companies

To avail of our discounted prices and exceptional services fill out our Request a Quote form online and be assured of a quote that suits your requirements. You can schedule a Pickup online and rest assured that your package/ cargo is packed, transported, shipped, cleared and delivered to your destination on time. An added advantage that Fastway Express offers is the Payment Upon Delivery (PUD) system.