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GCC i.e. the Gulf Cooperation Council, as per the is the organization of six Arab states in the Persian Gulf region, formed to promote joint military, economic and political endeavors. The nations consisting in the Cooperation are namely, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

What is taking you to these oil rich countries who have a standing out beauty in the hot lands? Bussiness? Pleasure? Maybe a little bit of both? You definitely will want have some baggage you wished someone would carry for you, isn’t it?

Worried about the laws and customs of the GCC Countries? We offer you an easy way out. Of course you should focus on your business/ holiday; we will take care of the shipping from India to ALL GCC COUNTRIES. That is what we are best at. That is what you are supposed to let the experts take care of.

Courier Cycle

Our process or chain of events is pretty simple to look at. The real challenge is in the execution of fine details which can actually affect the overall experience of a pleasurable transfer of parcels not just of the customer but also the goods themselves so that they arrive the way they should, fresh and in good condition.

Our five step process was named with something we wanted to be sure you don’t easily forget. So we named it the PENTAGON STYLE PROCESS.

The Pentagon Style Process is as neat and simple as it should be.

  1. Confirm-Pick-Pack-Process
  2. Customs Clearance at Home Port
  3. Air/ Sea Freight
  4. Customs Clearance at Destination Port
  5. Door Delivery at Destination

We ensure as military like discipline for the goods en route to ensure your excitement is not deflated by the state of packaging and the condition of the package arriving in it. Our packaging is a big plus which by itself saves you a lot of headache and expenses but a mandatory practice we undertake come what may as a routine.

We are sure you understand and appreciate that each of these processes are large and challenging on their own, which without an expert hand could put you through pains and headaches and yet little or no guarantee of their condition of arrival, leave alone timely delivery.

What can you send from India to ALL GCC COUNTRIES?

Good Question. We ship a variety of goods and nature of parcels which are from daily essentials to one time usage, recurring regular requirements etc.

  1. Documents
  2. Parcels
  3. Food Items
  4. Medicines
  5. Clothes
  6. Pooja Items
  7. Dangerous and Hazrdous goods which are not permitted to be carried by passengers but permitted under cargo.
  8. Anything and everything in your luggage should you not want to personally handle it and yet want it at your destination of visit.

By courier service we don’t mean just light weight papers. It is beyond and inclusive of documents and parcels, excess baggage or unaccompanied baggage, student documents, student relocations, company relocations, home relocations, import export, personnel relocation, ware housing and distribution etc.

Fastway Express is a leading premium express delivery company providing courier services from India to all GCC Countries. Our specialized and dedicated delivery systems are created to offer unique and customized courier services not only for individuals, but also traders, corporate, travelers, exporters, importers, HR, etc. So, no matter whether you need to send a parcel, document, cargo or even relocate from India to all GCC Countries, we can help you with transporting anything from India to ALL GCC COUNTRIES. We also provide excess baggage services and can also meet relocation services for household items and corporate organizations.

You can send just anything including electronic goods, garments, medicines, food items, university documents, parcels, unaccompanied baggage etc. to any city or state of ALL GCC COUNTRIES with complete safety. We can handle everything from door pickup, packaging of parcels to door delivery. Our services are highly used by businessmen, traders, importers and exporters and even individuals requiring international relocation services for ALL GCC COUNTRIES. The process and workflow we follow is specially designed in such a way that the parcels reach safely within committed time frame.

Our courier company is reputed for offering courier services for almost anything to ALL GCC COUNTRIES from India. Besides delivering documents and parcels, we also specialize in delivering food items like pickles, groceries, condiments, sweets etc., to ALL GCC COUNTRIES and other worldwide destinations. Our courier services to ALL GCC COUNTRIES are known for quick delivery and committed services. We have a wide network with global presence and operations hub in all the metropolitan cities of India. Our head office is located in Bangalore and we also have a regional office in Hyderabad from where we operate to provide the best overseas courier and cargo services. Besides Hyderabad and Bangalore, we have offices in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and agents scattered all over India handling international courier services efficiently.

What can you not send from India to ALL GCC COUNTRIES?

Of course, this is simpler. What is not acceptable as per the customs law of the home and destination country, you cannot send those items which are offensive or illegal in nature. We would have loved to put it all out here, but then, these customs get updated often. With our ability to serve you, we are more focused on keep up to date at work than up to dating our web page. Hope you understand. Guess what, as stupid as a query you may feel it is, our customer care executive can help you sort your luggage of what you can carry and what not or what you can courier and what not. Get in touch, we are waiting for your call!

How we make it easy when shipping your stuff from India to ALL GCC COUNTRIES?

Did you read our Courier Style.. the Pentagon Style? If you missed it above, no worries, we will explain it here again.

We make it easy for you starting from helping you sort your luggage by providing guidance on what all you are not permitted to carry in your luggage when going overseas. Once you confirm or book your shipment with us, our executive will come to your place at your desired hour and list your goods first and pack and carry it back to our place where we take care of the required formalities along with the documentation etc. All you need to do is provide us with the right documents and signatures required on the forms. We then get your goods to the customs department, once cleared, we can put it on air / sea freight as decided for your consignment. Once it reaches the destination, we get it to the customs who on clearing the consignment, we collect and make it reach at your door step.

You need more clarification, simply get in touch, we will be happy to help.

What should you provide from ease of shipment from India to ALL GCC COUNTRIES?

For ease of shipment from India to all GCC Countries, we will need a specific set of documents and signatures on forms, which may be revised by customs in India and the ALL GCC COUNTRIES time to time.

Once you book your shipment with us, we will guide you on the requirements.

Our list of services should interest you which we undertake for this India to ALL GCC COUNTRIES sector. If you have any customized requirements, please let us know, we will be glad to make it happen.

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