NRIs !

High Quality Courier Services for NRIs

If you are looking for an NRI courier service in Bangalore that is second to none, then you can look no further than Fastway Express. NRI courier and cargo providers are plentiful, but all are not the same in terms of quality, price, and service. Here at Fastway Express we stand apart from the rest by devising customized strategies for every customer that chooses us as their NRI logistics provider of choice.
In the past, people had to wait for their family members to visit India to get the international goods that they wanted. Times have changed over the last several decades, and you can now have the items delivered to your door within just a few days! We offer unique logistics solutions that will enable you to select your items from family members or retail establishments in India, and we will pick them up and quickly deliver them right to your doorstep no matter where in the world you might live. Don’t go without the items you want any longer! Our services are convenient, affordable, and we adhere to strict timelines with every shipment. You will get great value for your money when you choose Fastway Express.

Fastway Express is one of the most reputable shipping companies in India, and we are one of the first to have such a high number of service points throughout the country. Our unique online pick-up system enables customers to quickly and easily schedule their items for pickup. We will collect the items, and we will ensure that they are delivered to their final destination in perfect condition. If you are shipping from India to the UK or USA, then you can save as much as 50% on your shipment. We have other discounts and promotions as well, depending on the volume you are shipping and other factors. Although we offer everyday competitive rates, additional rate cuts will often be given to customers that ship high volumes of goods.

What We Can Offer

  • Highly Competitive Prices
  • Door to Door Guaranteed Delivery Services In as Little as 5 to 6 Business Days
  • Free Packing and Door Pickup
  • Easy and Fast Clearing Services
  • No Hassles
  • Online Tracking and Confirmation
  • No Duty
  • Online Payment Options
  • Excellent Customer Service

We deliver all types of goods that include everything from parcels and documents to homemade items, eatables, medications, chemicals, and more. Whether you need standard shipping services or sea or air freight services for your cargo shipments, you can count on us for the best prices and quick delivery. If you are an NRI that has been craving goods from India, then you have come to the right place. The process of shipping goods through Fastway Express is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply tell us where to pick up your items, and we will take care of the rest to deliver them to your door in the quickest amount of time possible. You will receive email notifications throughout the process, so that you can always track your shipment anytime of the day or night.

Relocation Services

When you are relocating overseas, you will find that the process requires advance preparation, meticulous planning, accurate documentation, regular follow throughout, and a flawless execution to ensure that things run smoothly. Here at Fastway Express we can take the headache and stress out of relocating overseas, by taking care of all of your shipping needs. We offer quick shipping times, insurance cover, detailed tracking, great rates, and excellent customer support that is unmatched.