4 Common Problems When You Go Off on a Family Trip

There’s nothing like a family vacation to create new memories with your favorite people, have fun and just generally let loose. However, that’s going to mean a ton of luggage and bags. If yours already resemble a pyramid of Samsonite luggage, you might want to consider hiring an unaccompanied luggage shipping service instead:

Checked-in costs

The U.S. made more than 3 billion in check-in luggage fees in 2015, says The New York Times. That’s a lot. If you don’t want to have to shell out for more than you need to for your checked-in luggage, having your bags delivered ahead of you is convenient and easy.

Excess baggage

Excess baggage is a constant problem for travelers who tend to overpack. But try telling your nana or mom to pack lighter and you’ll be bombarded with how much they need this or that (hint: they’ll still probably end up not using as much of the clothes they packed). Instead of dealing with these, along with possible excess baggage fees, best to simply have those bags shipped ahead. That way, you’ll deal with less drama and baggage problems.

Lost bags

While traveling with your entire family can be loads of fun, it can be a bit of strain as well. If you all have your bags with you, that’s going to mean lugging around a ton of luggage. And if someone needs to go to the bathroom, you could be tasked with the duty to stand guard over the pile. If you take your eyes off for a minute, you could end up losing one along the way. Telling your sister you lost her luggage isn’t exactly the best way to put her in vacation mode. Prevent this from happening by hiring an unaccompanied luggage shipping service to take care of the problem.

Long lines

Another thing you’ll need to worry about when you’re traveling with the entire family is those long lines. Long queues mean long waiting times. If your nana’s a bit impatient, things could get stressful real quick. By sending your bags ahead, you and the rest of your crew can breeze through those long lines so everyone can be settled at the waiting area until they start calling for passengers to board your flight.


By using a baggage delivery service, you can have your bags shipped ahead and keep the stress and hassles of traveling with a huge group to a minimum. That means less stress and worries for you and the family.