5 Ways to Slash Your Startup’s Delivery Costs

Every startup knows how critical it is to keep operating costs low. Here are several ways to keep your finances on track:

Hire the right delivery service

Hiring cheap international courier services is a practical solution. However, don’t simply go for the first one you find. You’ll need to put in a bit of time and effort to search for the right one.

Negotiate carrier agreements

Even a small change or two to their agreement could generate big cost-savings for your company. If you see an opportunity to push for better terms, take it. You could end up with adjustments and changes that could save you a ton on future costs, says Multichannel Merchant.

Check those invoices

Mistakes happen and sometimes, those invoices can add on bogus charges and fees. You’ll want to make sure mistakes of this sort aren’t anywhere in your invoice. Check them every single time. If there are any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the invoices, that’s going to mean money coming back to you. Do the same for any overcharges and missing discounts as well as overcharges so you can keep a better eye on where your money is going.

Get the package right

There are plenty of packaging types out in the market. You’ll have to choose which ones prove the most suitable for your products. From bulk cargo and corrugated pads, easy to fold mailers and side loaders, moving boxes and wood crates and everything else in between-storage file boxes, insulated ones, wine shippers and more-you have a ton of packaging types to explore. Do the rounds and check each of these options out so you’d have a better idea which ones are ideal for the volume and type of your inventory. With the right packaging, you can prevent damage to the products and help keep damage claims from customers to zero.

Avoid air freight

As much as possible, you’ll want to use land or sea freight forwarders over air freight. That’s because air delivery can cost a lot. Ask your customers if they’re willing to wait to get their items at a much lower cost. Many will say yes. That’s why it’s better to provide your customers with shipping options than to assume they all want their packages delivered ASAP. By avoiding air freight, you can keep your delivery costs to a minimum.

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