5 Travel Disasters You Could Avoid By Shipping Your Bags

Bilbo Baggins in LOTR says there’s nothing like the danger of stepping out of your door. Most travelers know this to be the gospel’s truth. Being on the road or getting on flights bound for places unknown means you’ll have to contend with all sorts of problems along the way. If you’re planning an adventure and you want to be prepared as much as possible, here’s a rundown of some of the things you might encounter along the way:

Long checked-in lines

Expect to arrive extra early at the airport so you could spend some time at the checked-in counter. If you have a connecting flight, make sure you put quite a few hours in between those flights. That way, if yours is three hours late, you and your bags still have a chance to catch your connecting flight.

Excess baggage

We get it: you’re excited. You want your OTDs for the trip to be perfect. That could mean bringing along a ton of luggage. If you exceed airline restrictions, though, you’ll end up paying for excess baggage fees.

Not enough overhead space

A lot of the passengers want the same things you want: world peace, save the forests and trees and to simply avoid paying for excess baggage charges. That’s why they’re putting those bags in the overhead cabin and leaving little to no space for yours, says the Thrillist.

Dented bags

Once you get off your flight, it’s time to wait at the baggage claim for your bags. Be prepared to find yours the worse for wear. That’s because airlines are notorious for mishandling your bags. If you’re lucky, your bags won’t be sporting new dents and scratches, or at least, not very obvious ones.

Lost bags

In a worst-care scenario though, you could end up losing your bags. That’s going to tamp down on the excitement you feel for the trip especially if you have to buy things to replace what you lost.

Tip: Ship your bags

One way to prevent these travel disasters from happening is to simply ship your bags ahead. With a reliable baggage shipping service, you can rest east, knowing your bags are safe and that they’ll be there, waiting, right when you arrive. No need to track down missing bags or deal with the airlines or even pay extra to have things sorted out. All you need is the assistance of a trustworthy baggage shipping service and you’ll be good to go.

For more details, contact us.


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