6 Ways to Find a Good Courier for Sending Overseas Parcels

The Daily Mail reports of how a delivery man from Parcelforce simply signed the parcel and tossed it at the homeowner’s garage when it was apparent no one was home. The customer had to spend days, going away the delivery, not knowing it was right at home all along.

This scenario just describes one of the many dangers of using the wrong courier. If you’re sending a package abroad and you want no hassles and inconveniences of this kind, then it pays to:

Do your research

Nothing like solid research to help you find the best courier from uk to india. If you don’t want to have to deal with shipping woes and problems, entrusting your parcel to a reputable company is a good precautionary measure.

Put together a list

List down all your prospective couriers. A list helps keep things on an organized keel. Once you have a decent list of candidates, you can start narrowing down the field.

Check and confirm they’re licensed

Pick a licensed company. A license means the company has been approved for the work they do. That means they meet operational standards and comply with regulations. The last thing you want is for your parcel to be delayed because the company is having problems with the customs department because they don’t have a license.

Consider their finances

Go online and read the news. If the courier is in the midst of financial problems, it’s best to simply cross that one from your list. You’ll be able to worry less if the shipping company you use for your deliveries is in good financial health. In case the company folds, you won’t be one of the many customers trying to get their parcel or money back. That’s going to be one less worry off your back.

Ask around

There’s always a chance that you could land an excellent referral. That’s why it pays to ask friends and family for tips, suggestions and word-of-mouth referrals. These could help you narrow the field so much faster and help you find the right courier from UK to India that much sooner.

Read reviews

In a world where everything is increasingly online, more and more people are seeing the value of putting up reviews to help other consumers cull out the bad ones from the pile. By checking for online reviews, you could steer clear of the bad apples in the bunch and find your way to the good ones.

Need shipping assistance? Know more by calling us today.


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