7 Essential Questions Before You Choose a Parcel Service

Looking for parcel services in India? Here are 10 questions you’ll want to ask before you choose one:

Are they licensed?

Digitalist Mag suggests hiring only licensed delivery services. That way, you know the packages you’re sending are secure and protected during transit.

Do they offer tracking?

It’s understandable that you’ll want to check in on your parcel a time or two. While some say it’s best to simply hire a delivery service that has a reputation for delivering packages on time so you won’t worry, it doesn’t hurt to know that if you ever get the urge to check up on your parcels, you can do so any time. With tracking assistance, that’s already in the bag.

Are they professional in appearance?

The courier service you choose is an extension of your company. It’s critical that they present the right appearance and image. Go for companies that employ drivers with a neat and clean appearance.

Are they qualified?

Not all parcel services in India have the right resources, team and expertise to handle oversized, bulky or irregularly-shaped packages. Make sure the company can handle those special requirements before you call them up and book their services.

Is it the process easy?

Determine how they invoice their clients. Is it convenient and easy? If the process seems convoluted, that could mean spending more time than you should just to handle that matter. This could significantly slow your team down. If the courier service is making your life difficult, it’s smart to walk away from that partnership and find a better delivery service.

Is their customer service excellent?

There’s nothing like a bad experience to turn customers off your brand and business forever. Don’t let that happen. Delivery problems and issues are going to happen. But finding a courier service that is resourceful and helps your customer through the issue by staying calm, being polite, helpful and courteous can go a long way to turn the tide. With exceptional customer service, you’ll find customers coming back to you for more, despite the delays and issues they went through before. That’s how the right courier service can turn things around for your business.

Do they have their own warehouse?

Having a dedicated warehouse space means better control and security over the packages. Ask about this before you think about partnering with the delivery service.
These questions will point you in the direction you need to go. If you’re ready to ask for delivery assistance, call us today.


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