Package Delivery: Service Types and Factors

If this is your first time to send a package, knowing a few essential things about package delivery services could help you make the right decisions and keep you from paying for more than you should.

Types of courier services

There are 5 types of courier services you can explore, says Market Realist. These include: standard courier services, overnight delivery, same-day express delivery, international courier service and pallet courier services.

Standard courier services

These services involve the collection of the parcels. Then the company sorts those parcels out and transfers them to the depot that’s nearest to the delivery location. Delivery time runs to several days. The longer wait, though, means this is the cheapest option around.

Overnight service

The parcel basically goes through the same process. However, it is set aside to be ready for delivery the next day.

Same day express

These types of delivery cost a lot. And while that’s a drawback, it’s a fair trade-off considering you get to have the package delivered right when you need it. If you don’t want delays, you could ask for this type of service every time.

International courier service

Need to have items or goods delivered overseas to friends and family? Maybe you simply can’t resist ordering in your favorite snacks or dishes from abroad that you can’t find anywhere else? Then hiring package delivery services can solve that problem for you. If you plan on having furniture items shipped, they could accommodate you as well, regardless if your packages are bulky and heavy.

Pallet courier services


This delivery service complies with a strict schedule. However, if you want affordable rates, you can go for this option. To make sure your packages aren’t going to be delayed, you’ll want to time the delivery right.


When you choose a delivery service, make sure you consider the following:

Type of delivery. At this point, you’re already familiar with different delivery types. Assess each one to find the best one to fit your needs and budget.

Security. A licensed company is a much safer bet than trusting your package to an unlicensed delivery service. If your package gets lost or damaged, you won’t be able to do a thing.

Delivery speed. How soon do you need to have the package delivered? If you have perishables in there, it’s best to go for the fastest delivery service possible.

For more information about delivery types, services and factors, contact us.


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