A Brief Guide to Shipping Household Goods

Many Indian students are now studying abroad, but many have some difficulty adjusting to a different culture and lifestyle. India has a very distinct culture, with certain traditions that differ from Western cultures. Adapting to a whole new country is obviously difficult. With Fastway Express, we guarantee that you’ll feel right at home, whether you are in the UK or the USA. We offer an extensive household goods shipping service to our customers, so you can have virtually anything delivered from your house in India! Here’s a brief guide to shipping household goods with us at Fastway Express India:

Request a Pickup

Don’t want to go through the hassle of bringing the goods to one of our many outlets across India? Just visit our website and request a pickup. We will send a delivery van down to the provided address at the specified date and time and pick up the package from your door. We will then hand you a receipt at the doorstep, including the price and other details of the items that need to be shipped. Once you are satisfied, we will take the goods back to our warehouse.

Over the years that we have been in service, we have managed to build relationships with some of the biggest shipping companies in the world, including FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT. We will then process the goods and pack them up properly. A lot goes on behind the scenes, including documentation and customs clearance, and we will take care of all of that. We also offer both sea and air freight options to our customers.


We are able to provide door to door shipping services to customers in many countries. When it comes to shipping household goods, we take care in order to ensure that the goods aren’t damaged in the process. On the receipt, you will find a tracking code that can be used in order to find out where the order is. Once it lands in the country, we will also continue to send you regular updates about the delivery process.

The products will be hand-delivered to the recipient, and we will get a signed receipt. We will also notify you by mail about the delivery, thus making it easy for you to ensure that the goods have been delivered. We take the utmost care throughout the delivery process in order to ensure that all of the goods are fully processed and delivered to our customers on time. With our extensive network and shipping deals with many different companies, we provide complete convenience to customers who are interested in shipping household goods from one country to another.