Relocating to the US from India – Here are Some Things to Know

If you plan to relocate to the United States soon, you will find a lot of opportunities. However, America is quite different from India and it’s important to know some things before you make the move. Here is helpful information from your international moving service, Fastway Express.


With most healthcare insurance in India, you have an annual premium. However, in the US, most people pay their premiums each month. The same is true for auto insurance.

America has special programs where people with low incomes can qualify for free or reduced cost healthcare insurance. However, if you pay for a policy, most insurance companies demand you go through one doctor and this person coordinates all your healthcare. You will have an annual deductible amount to meet and after it is paid, the insurance will cover all expenses.

Most areas of the United States have mandatory auto liability insurance. It is not unusual to pay over 100 per month for car insurance and for medical insurance too.


Prescription medications have strict laws in the US. This is especially true for controlled medications like potent pain pills. Your doctor can give you a paper prescription or contact the pharmacy to fill most prescriptions for drugs. Many medications for colds and flu can easily be purchased over the counter. Some drugs can be very expensive to buy.


Your international moving service can talk to you about United States income tax. Expect to have money taken out automatically from your paycheck to cover income taxes. Plus, you are required to pay tax on retirement benefits and most states in the country have their own tax structure. Middle income earners in America pay as much as 30 percent of their total income in taxes each year and there are few tax deductions available, compared to India.


Finding a place to live in America can be very expensive. However, at present, interest rates on home loans are quite low, compared to years past. Once you move, you will soon discover homes are much larger than India and most have at least 1000 square feet of space and many have two complete bathrooms with showers, bathtubs, and sinks.

Home prices vary an enormous amount depending on what part of the country or what city you are living in. Plus, there are poor parts of town with cheap homes but crime is higher and living conditions are much worse than better parts of cities. Your international moving service offers relocation services and can help you with the process of moving to make things easier on you and your family.