Choosing the Right Overseas Courier Services: Factors to Consider

Courier services are responsible for delivering goods from one place to another. International courier services have a much more difficult job, because they are responsible for shipping goods all over the globe. Many overseas courier service providers have their own networks with local agencies and logistics companies. This makes it easy for them to ship goods from one place to another and to ensure that the goods are delivered to the recipient on time.

If you are looking to ship goods from anywhere in India to another country, you will need a reliable delivery provider. At Fastway Express, we have one of the largest shipping networks in the country. Having been in the courier industry for many years, we have built a very loyal base of customers. We understand that people are often worried about working with new overseas courier services, and it’s difficult for them to entrust a complete stranger to take care of their precious possessions and deliver them. Here are just some of the many factors that you should consider before hiring any new courier services provider:

Types of Services

What do you want to ship? Many international courier service providers offer various different types of services to customers. For instance, at Fastway Express, we offer the following international services:

  • Documents and parcels shipping
  • Food products express shipping
  • University express – Perfect for students who have to ship applications or documents.
  • Excess baggage express – Had to leave your baggage on the airport? We’ll deliver it to you!
  • Import express – We’ll import any items you want.
  • Relocation packers and movers – Are you moving to another country? We’ll pack and ship everything to your new house at the most affordable rates.
  • Medicine Express – Need urgent medicine from abroad? We can have the medicines delivered from virtually anywhere in the globe.
  • Dangerous and hazardous goods shipping
  • Tourist services
  • Warehouse and distribution


Nobody wants to pay over the top for having their goods shipped from one country to another. We understand that. That’s why we have kept our overseas shipping rates as affordable as possible. Fastway Express has made a name for itself for providing customers with top of the line shipping services without charging exorbitant sums of money. We understand that many people have to send essentials abroad to their loved ones, and that’s why we also come up with engaging promotions in order to give you more discounts! You can visit our website today and view our rates and services, and you can also request a pick-up directly!