Fastway Express Offers Parcel Service from UK

Ordering or shipping parcel service from UK is a popular thing to do with many people in India, and that’s why Fastway Express India handles so many packages and other items every day for their customers. They also handle shipments to 220 other countries worldwide. They estimate they handle millions of such shipments every year because they are very well-known and experienced in their field.

Fastway Express India can get your goods from the UK to India quickly and securely and within your price range. We can deliver it right to your doorstep and will even provide a tracking number so you can check the shipment progress online. Or, you can call customer service 24-hours a day at 1800 103 8805.

We Can Include Many Different Items

When it comes to using a parcel service from UK, Fastway Express India can handle anything that is legal to be sent, whether by a business person or an individual. Some of the common items handled every year include everything from food products to medications to furniture and electronics.

Any legal item can be handled within these packages and will be sent to your destination via the best transport, be it air, ground or sea. Talk to our experts today to discuss your packing and shipping needs in the UK and you will be immediately connected to the appropriate customer service agent.

Fastway Express India Trusted by UK Businesses

Business people in the UK trust Fastway Express India to ship out millions of items to their Indian customers. One of the reasons is because Fastway personnel are trained and up to date with all the appropriate packing, shipping, labelling and customs requirements. This is especially true if the business needs to ship out hazardous goods, as we know exactly how to pack them with appropriate packing materials and labeling so they get to their destination safe and sound.

Indian Consumers Want Goods Delivered in a Timely Fashion

Many people in India are getting in on the craze for things like new iPhones or fancy laptops and tablets. With Fastway Express India parcel service from UK, they can be assured that they can order these hot items and get them in a timely fashion. They have learned to trust the reputation of Fastway Express India and are pleased with the friendly customer service staff.

So no matter if you are craving some sort of UK tea or food product, are ordering a new iPhone or just need to send a regular package, trust Fastway Express for all your parcel service needs.


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