Fastway Express Offers You the Best Overseas Parcel Shipping Services

During the holidays, most people like to send gifts to their children or grandchildren, even if they live in another country. However, overseas parcel shipping is not only expensive; it can be complicated depending on what you are trying to ship. Fortunately, there is an easier way to get gifts, favorite food items or electronics from India into the United States.

There are millions of people who are originally from India residing in the United States. Many immigrants are here to attend school, but others arrive looking for better opportunities for themselves and their families. Even with large Indian communities in some of the bigger cities, there are foods, clothing and other items from home that can be difficult to find in America.

Get Shipping Help

Instead of trying to meet all of the requirements for overseas parcel shipping to the U.S. yourself, Fastway Express can help you clear all of the hurdles necessary to ship items into the country. They are full-service shippers that can make sure your packages get to their destinations on time and without any problems clearing customs.

No matter what you are trying to ship overseas, we can help make the process easier. Even if you want to ship specialty items, our staff knows how to handle just about any type of item you may wish to send someone. It will be packaged carefully and we will insure it in case something does happen in transit. We have 10 years of experience with safely shipping packages internationally, so you can trust us with your parcels.

Shipping Services

One of the best ways to ship your package with us is our international priority parcel service. Not only do we make sure your parcel is carefully shipped, but you can go to our website and track your package each step of the way to your destination. We can pick up the package at your doorstep and make sure it is delivered to the door of its destination as well.

Along with overseas parcel shipping from India to the United States, we also offer shipping to over 220 territories and countries. Not only can you send packages from any of the countries where we do business, but you can receive packages from there as well using our service. Services from Fastway Express are available worldwide, not just from India.

Save Money with Fastway

If you are concerned about how much shipping will cost, we can help ease your mind, as well as your pocketbook. We offer discounts on shipping of up to 50%. We don’t use no-name shipping services, but we work with well-known companies like DHL, FEDEX, UPS and many others. Contact us to find out more about our worldwide shipping services.