Our International Moving Service in India Can Help Make Moving Easy

Moving across the city is stressful enough, but relocating to another country can seem daunting and expensive if you are moving your household items with you. If you are making the move from India to the United States, or any other country in the world, you will need help from an experienced international moving service.

No Need to Worry

With Fastway Express, you won’t have to worry about making a move, no matter where you are going. Our staff has the experience you are looking for when packing and moving your possessions. From your personal items, tools and even antiques, we will make sure that everything is properly packed so nothing is broken during transit.

Clearing Customs

One of the biggest worries most people have when moving to another country is making it through customs. Our international moving service can ensure that your possessions make it through customs so nothing that you want to take with you is left behind. International cargo shipping has many rules and regulations, but we know the business and are experts at quickly moving through the process.

Once your items have cleared inspection, we will finish processing and packing them for the trip to your new destination in one our modern warehouses. We have our state-of-the-art warehouses in five different locations in India. These locations help ensure the speedy transit of your possessions to a cargo ship and on to your new home. Once your items are in the warehouse, you can start tracking your shipment every step of the way.

Experts at International Relocations

Fastway Express is an international moving service that handles over 10,000 shipments each year. We do business in over 220 territories and countries, so no matter where you are moving, we can get your items there quickly and in the most affordable manner possible. Whether you’re moving to Australia, Japan, France or the United States, our expert movers can get your belongings there safely.

Once your items arrive at their destination, we can arrange for a moving service to pick-up your cargo after it passes through customs and take it to your new home. We help take the hassle out of moving at every possible step. Many services would require you to arrange for a pick-up from the docks to get your items to your new house or apartment, but we take care of those details for you.

From packing and picking up your possessions, to making sure they are ready to leave port in India and get to the new country you will call home, we are a one-stop moving service that you can trust. We will make your move as pleasant and as stress free as possible.