How Shipping Your Excess Bags Keeps Them Safe

Every traveler has heard the same piece of advice before. Pack light. But every single time, there’s one in every crowd that forgets that advice and packs their bags to the brim. You’ll see them near the check-in counter, trying like mad to decide what they need to throw away just to avoid paying for exorbitant excess baggage fees. Don’t want to find yourself in their shoes? Here’s how to deal with your excess baggage sans the stress and hassle:

Ship it

There’s no better way to avoid paying for the fees by having your bags shipped in the first place. Given how high the fees are, it makes more sense to simply have your bags delivered to your destination.

Why ship it?

Shipping excess baggage means you won’t have to worry about your luggage exceeding airline restrictions. Also, you won’t need to queue up at the check-in counter-you can breeze right through customs and waiting area until it’s time to board your flight. See how painless and stress-free the whole experience can be?

Better protection

By shipping them ahead, your bags are better protected during transit. No dings and scratches, no dents and other types of damage. Anyone who has ever found their luggage at the baggage claim area in bad shape after a flight knows how upsetting this could be. If you spent all lot on your luggage, only to find them muddied, scratched or dented when they get back to you, it can put a bit of damper on your holiday getaway.

Battered and lost

Whether it’s a tight transfer or a leisurely layover, CNTraveler says both come with definite downsides. With long layovers, they could leave your bags right in the open, under the heat or rain. With a tight transfer, everyone could be too busy that it’s possible to lose your bags along the way. And if you check in your luggage too soon? The airline might need to set it aside. It could be a casualty of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and you’ll find yourself dealing with lost luggage problems.

Secure and safe

Shipping excess baggage means you could save your luggage from being subjected to that sort of abuse. That’s because, unlike airlines, shipping companies focus all their energy and attention on ensuring an excellent baggage delivery experience. Many of these companies are small so they can keep their operation tight and have no problems overseeing the bags. If that’s the kind of handling care and security you want for your bags, contact us today.


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