Small Businesses And The Advantage Of Air Freight Shipping

For small businesses, finding a way to offer a unique service or a benefit to your international customers is one way to develop your brand. For smaller and startup companies, Fastway Worldwide Express, India, is able to offer a shipping advantage that may provide your company with the advantage it needs.

Most companies, particularly smaller companies, assume that air freight shipping for product samples and even for product orders is cost prohibitive to all but the big corporations. In reality, and with our affordable rates, shipping by air may be more cost-effective while offering your company a real edge over the competition.

Fast Delivery

A cargo plane or a passenger airliner can be loaded in India in the morning and be in any location in the world within that same day. As we have partnered with the top international delivery companies such as FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS, this means your product, item, sample or order can be at your customer’s door in days rather than weeks as you can expect with cargo freight on ships.

Avoid Harbor Warehouse Costs

With smaller orders or for time-sensitive shipments, air freight shipping offers the advantage of avoiding the very high costs of warehousing in harbors and ports. Often these costs, particularly with small to medium sized orders will cancel out any savings with the longer option of shipping by sea.

There is also a very good case to be made for shipping by air for the first shipment, even if you may choose to ship by sea for later shipments. This allows the initial order to get to the customer quickly, which also means that you can then schedule more deliveries on an ongoing basis to avoid the buyer running out of product.

While the initial air freight shipping may add more shipping costs per unit shipped, it also may be the factor that tips the buyer in your favor. Weighing the costs and benefits of this will often be a factor of the anticipated future business and the risk of a competitor offering the option while your company may still be trying to make the decision.

The costs of air freight have dropped significantly over the years. If this is an option you have not considered before, or haven’t considered in a while, our staff can work with you to develop a cost analysis of different shipping options. This will allow you to choose which is the best option for your budget and your company’s shipping requirements.


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