Tips For Household Goods Shipping

At Fastway Worldwide Express, India, we offer free packing services for all our household goods shipping services. This is not only a time and cost saving factor, as our customers don’t have to buy packing materials or spend their time in trying to fit items in a box, but it is also the best option to make sure everything arrives just as it was when it was sent.

However, at Fastway Worldwide Express we recognize that some people may choose to pack their own boxes and then have our team provide the household goods shipping service. If this is your choice, we would like to offer some packing tips to help ensure that items arrive safely to their destination without damage or breakage.

Breakable Items

Ideally, ship items that are breakable separate from heavy items or large items. Breakable items should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, with extra attention to any shapes or areas of the item that may protrude and pose a risk of being damaged in the box or with contact from other items.

Place bubble wrap, crumpled packing tissue or packing “peanuts” in the bottom of the box, then placed the bulkier and larger wrapped breakables in the bottom and the smaller and lighter on top. Add peanuts, bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper between layers and also on the top. Seal the box carefully with packing tape and provide an itemized list of the contents to the driver when the box is picked up. Be sure to indicate clearly fragile or breakable on the sides of the box.

Food Items

Jars and other glass containers of foods or other household items should be wrapped as above. Other types of products such as spices, non-perishable foods, homemade specialties, kitchen utensils or any other types of items of clothing, housewares or even children’s toys or other items may not need to be wrapped, but they do need to be carefully placed in the box and then use packing paper or styrofoam packing peanuts to prevent the items from shifting in the box, rubbing together or causing damage.

It will also be important, and our staff can certainly provide information or answer any questions you may have, to avoid shipping specific types of items with household goods shipping services. Typically electronics, batteries or battery operated items or any type of corrosive, aerosol, flammable or potentially explosive or dangerous materials cannot be packed in these boxes.


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