Use Fastway Express for Shipping Excess Baggage Overseas

When you visit another country on business or vacation, you may want to pick up handcrafted items as souvenirs for yourself and your family. Most overseas trips are a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you want something in which to remember your journey. However, taking another piece of luggage with you on a plane can be an expensive venture.

To make up for high fuel costs, most airlines are limiting the amount of baggage that can be checked onto a plane or carried onboard. Usually, one carry-on is allowed per passenger and the number of checked baggage depends on the country where you are going. However, many airlines only allow two checked bags per passenger. If you bought something fragile or need to have another bag or two checked onto an airplane, you will have to pay extra for that privilege and it can be cost prohibitive.

Sending Baggage Back Home

Instead of checking your extra carry-on baggage onto your flight, call Fastway Express and ask about shipping excess baggage overseas using their services. Instead of paying an airline an excessive fee for extra carry-ons, or even excess checked baggage, we can ship your items back home and save you some money.

Along with the amount of baggage that you have, the airline also restricts the size of your carry-on and checked baggage. If you’ve had a surfing trip and want to take a surfboard back home with you, you would have to pay extra because of the size of your board. However, we can ship odd sized items for you instead of checking it onto a plane.

Options for Saving Money

If you want to save on shipping excess baggage overseas, we can find the least expensive way possible to ship your unusual size packages or baggage to your home. We offer both unaccompanied cargo and courier services for sending your excess baggage back to your country. Whether it goes by air freight or cargo ship, we can make sure your baggage or packages arrive in a timely manner.

Fastway Express services for shipping excess baggage overseas include door-to-door service. We will pick up your extra luggage or packages at your hotel, make sure the items are inventoried and clear customs and then we will securely pack them for their long trip back to your destination. Once your items arrive, we will also make sure to ship them directly to your doorstep.

We offer insurance coverage in case anything does happen to your belongings while in transit, but we do our best to make sure everything arrives quickly and safely. Fastway Express is a name you can trust for international shipping services from India or anywhere else in the world.